Running today: RIP my knee, also rip my knee is appropriate…

I don’t like to complain, but my knee hurts and for some weird reason I think writing about it will help. So, this morning, I was running and jamming and minding my own business like:


(ok so not exactly but yeah)

Then, I didn’t even see what I tripped over(but knowing me it was probably air) and I fell, like:

I looked at my knee and saw that it was beginning to bleed. I was 3/4 of a mile away from home (and from completing my run) and no one was home, so i made myself not cry and got up, like:

and walked all the freaking way home, telling myself to not look at my knee. however, I then got home and looked at my knee. I’m not gonna post the picture, cause I almost vomited and its my knee. but it’s on my phone. it was hardcore. still is, actually…

however, you know how when you see an injury it suddenly hurts really bad? Yeah, that happened, then I went into panic mode because i realized i was home by myself and that i don’t know how to treat any kind of injury at all, like…

imageexcept i was really screaming…



then i called my parents and neither of them answered but finally mom called back and told me what to do. after following instructions, it looked like this:


(actual picture of knee)

then i was like:

then, it started doing this awesome thing where it stuck to the ickyness and made it start bleeding again…and now, like 13 hours after my injury, it’s still bleeding and doing weird things and hurting….

am i dying?


and my parents think i’m exaggerating and have gone to bed. you’d think your dad being a nurse would be helpful in this situation, but he’s better at dealing with open heart surgery….


so yeah. ouch. #perksofbeingaclumsy